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Terms and Conditions


The 'service' provided is in the form of a paid subscription for membership to the website forum and member area. The service grants immediate access to the forum and also provides a direct communication with our retained attorneys for legal advise. There is no expiration date of the service or subscription, it is an open ended period of time. When the legal emergency is over, the remainder of the funds will be distributed equally among the subscription members as a refund.


Refund / Cancellation


You can request to cancel your membership and receive a refund at any time. Access to the website forum and membership pages is 100% voluntary for paid subscriptions. If you want to cancel, please use the Contact page to do so. You can fill out the form (fastest method), directly email the NoJetblueJab administrators (please allow 24 hours) or send in a written request via regular mail to the address listed (please allow 5-7 business days).


Upon receiving your request to cancel, please allow approximately 24 hours for the process to be completed. Also, please allow for 3-5 business days for the refund to reflect on the method in which you used as payment via your financial institution.


You will be refunded your subscription amount less website and legal fees:


Current website transaction fees are 2.9% and $0.30 for each transaction.


Based on when you cancel, the legal fees will come out of the legal fund, of which this subscription activity directly funds.


Example of a refund: $100,000 legal fund with 400 members less $30,000 legal and website fees results in a total fund of $70,000 divided among 400 members = $175 financial stake. Your refund would be $175 given these conditions, which is purely an example.

Your cancellation email will have all the specifics of the refund and how it was calculated.

Legal Entity


The website is a membership website with no physical products for sale. The website and its membership are part of a legal fund. A paid subscription provides membership and grants access to the forum and membership pages. Paid legal advice is given to members on the forum page. This information is proprietary and not for dissemination among non-subscribers. The website is owned, operated by Howery Group LLC, DBA

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