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The service provided by the Single Plan subscription grants you instant access to the forum and member areas of the website. Additionally, the subscription also acts as membership in a legal fund to retain a law firm or firms if legal action is required. All information disseminated on the forum is confidential and considered legally privileged, as it is a direct information portal with the group's attorneys.

The subscription has no expiration date. Once the legal emergency has passed and no longer presents a threat to the livelihoods of its subscription members, the group and its subscription will be disbanded. All remaining funds will be equally disbursed to the paid subscription members, less the costs of legal fees and website management.

A member can cancel their subscription at any time by contacting the administrators on the Contact page. See the Terms page for further information.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Single Plan

    Membership legal fund
    • Fund for legal services as retained.
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